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Ethiopia, located in Eastern Africa, is the oldest independent nation in Sub Sahara Africa. The country has very magnificent landscapes ranging from desert landscapes to mountain forests. The landlocked Ethiopia is bordered by Kenya on the South, Somalia and Djibouti on the East, Eritrea on the Northeast, and Sudan on the West. Ethiopia occupies an area of over 1,000,000 sq km, approximately five times the size of the United Kingdom.

Bole International airport is the main point of entry for international travellers to Ethiopia. Located in Ethiopia’s capital city, Addis Ababa, this airport is the fifth busiest in Africa. The airport is the home of Ethiopian Airlines, Africa’s pioneering airline that currently operates flights between Ethiopia and 48 other travel destinations in the world. Addis Ababa has a population of over 2 million people. The city is nestled at the bottom of the 3000 metres Entoto Mountains, presenting a pleasant landscape of wooded hillsides and gullies occupied by fast flowing streams.

Some of the most amazing scenic sites in Africa are found in Ethiopia. These include the Danakil depression and the jaggedly curved Simien mountains, which are a UNESCO world heritage site. The Danakil depression lies at 120 metres below sea level, making them one of the lowest dry land points on planet earth.

Ethiopia has more than twenty mountains towering more than 4,000 m high, led by Mount Ras Deshen that rises 4,620 m high. Ras Deshen is the fourth tallest mountain in Africa. Ethiopia is often referred to as the ?water tower? of eastern Africa because of the many rivers that pour off its high tableland. Some of the major rivers of Ethiopia include the Blue Nile, Omo River, Baro River and Awash River.

The Blue Nile originates from Lake Tana in Ethiopia and constitutes aprroximately 80% of the water volume of the Great Nile River. The Blue Nile merges with the White Nile (whose origin is Lake Victoria) at Khartoum in Sudan, to form River Nile, the world’s longest river. Along the Blue Nile route, the Blue Nile Falls is one of the most popular tourist destination in Ethiopia. The falls are located 30 km to the east of Bahir Dar, about a 30 minutes walking distance from Tiss Abey.

Located about 560 km from Addis Ababa, Lake Tana is the largest lake in Ethiopia. The lake has 37 islands some of which harbor churches and monasteries. These buildings carry beautiful murals and paintings, remains of emperors, church crosses, icons, manuscripts, crowns and other articles of historical and cultural significance.

Among the activities you can enjoy while on an Ethiopia vacation, mountain trekking is perhaps the most popular. Both Simien and Bale mountains national parks provide good conditions for trekking as well as some excellent spots for mountain climbing. The highland regions to the east and the west of the Omo valley are the other increasingly famous areas for trekkers.

Another popular tourist attraction in Ethiopia is birdwatching. Ethiopia has over 800 bird species, 16 of which are endemic. You can spot a wider variety of bird species in the national parks owing to reduced human interference there. In Bale national park alone, a record 161 species of birds have been observed. The best time for birdwatching falls between early September and February. During this time, especially from November, many migratory birds flock into the region, significantly increasing the bird population and widening the bird species diversity.

Ethiopia was formerly known as Abyssinia. The nation has a rich cultural and traditional heritage, with over 80 ethnic groups each with unique traditional customs, culture and language. Religion is a core part of the Ethiopian culture, especially the many religious festivals and celebrations.

There are plenty of international hotels offering excellent accommodation for visitors, among them the Sheraton, Hilton, Dagim Millennium Hotel, Adot-Tina Hotel and others. Entry to Ethiopia requires a one-month visa going for US$ 20 at airport. Prior to entry, visitors should be in possession of a valid health certificate for yellow fever. Vaccination against cholera is also required for any person who has visited or transited a cholera-infected area within six days prior to arrival in Ethiopia.

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Africa is a vast continent but most of it lies in the shadow of poverty, malnutrition, drought, lack of education and civil wars. From the famines of Ethiopia to the poaching of wild animals in Kenya, Africa has seen it all. Volunteering in Africa has been a major consideration of Non-profit organizations worldwide.

Different people have different reasons to opt for volunteer work and it can vary from the desire to learn new things about new cultures and societies to travel and gratification through social work and helping mankind. Some people are so devoted to the cause that they have spent their entire lifetime in Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Nairobi etc, while others do as much they can. Volunteering abroad and in continents like Africa, South America and Asia can be an enriching experience with a satisfaction or gratification that is almost incomparable.

There are different organizations requiring volunteers overseas and especially in Africa. Some of the organizations and projects involving volunteering in Africa are:

The Cheetah Recoil Program: This program is being organized at the Marsabit National Park, Kenya as a part of providing opportunities for volunteering in Africa. The Cheetah is the fastest animal on land but off late, due to extensive poaching, the population of Cheetah is almost near extinction. This Cheetah program has been designed specifically for volunteers who have an interest in wildlife conservation and are willing to travel overseas to Kenya. The requirement is for volunteers in groups of 20 who will work in a specific area along with some senior research co-coordinators, game wardens and scientists.

The Azafady Project: The project is being run by an U.K. charity organization and they need volunteering in Africa to effectively alleviate poverty, and at the same time improve and protect the unique and beautiful environment and wildlife. Their overseas volunteer program is two fold. One program is called the Pioneer Madagascar and it offers opportunity for volunteers to work at the grass-root level and create a system through which environmental degradation and poverty can be fought. The second project is called the Lemur Venture which is a lemur conservation project focused on protecting the already threatened population of lemur.

Global Service Corps (GSC): They are an organization who offers overseas volunteering opportunities and this includes projects in Tanzania, Africa. Their volunteering in Africa program involves participants to stay with Tanzanian people in their homes and learn about their life and culture. Volunteers share their own experiences and culture and through daily interaction educate the people of Tanzania. The project areas for volunteers include HIV/AIDS prevention, health, creating sustainable agriculture to prevent hunger, working with hospitals, farms, schools to impart information and create a social community.

There are many more organizations who offer opportunities to volunteers to visit Africa and make a difference. You can also take up volunteering in Africa and the benefits are:

1. You will be able to give something back. There are many people who feel the need to give back to the society and are passionate about their cause. If you are such a person then volunteering in Africa programs can provide you with a great opportunity to pursue such a cause.

2. If you are looking for a unique opportunity: There are many projects focusing on people, poverty, social issues, disease or health etc., but there are not as many projects on wildlife and ecosystem conservation. If you are interested in a wildlife conservation project and want to become a volunteer and pursue a related program, then it will be a unique opportunity that will ultimately provide satisfaction.

3. If you are looking for experience: There are many people who take part in overseas volunteering projects to gather experience required for their career goals or to start their own non profit organization. Either way, volunteering in Africa will provide the necessary experience and much more.

Volunteering in Africa can provide a unique set of opportunities that will be a life changing experience, culturally, educationally, and from a professional standpoint

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International travel is always tricky. Regardless of your port of origin, you’ll be entering a new environment, with different weather patterns and even different season cycles. This, on top of currency exchanges, vaccinations, possible multiple visas, and multiple foreign languages and customs, and suddenly your vacation seems very complicated. That’s where travel agencies such as Nyati Safari offer travelers to South Africa more than just booking and reservations. Often referred to as “the whole world in a single country,” South Africa is a country known for its diverse cultures and landscapes. And for the discerning traveler, there are countless excursions and destinations throughout South Africa, all of which might have different requirements and customs not readily known to all who wish to visit. Nyati Safari offers clients solution s to take the hassle out of researching the complications of international travel and ensure smooth travels to South Africa.

Depending on your reasons for traveling to South Africa, you’ll want to make sure you’re visiting during the appropriate time of the year. Nyati Safari’s travel lodges are located in the Limpodo/Mpumalanga region, with a local winter that runs from May through to September. This is one of the best seasons for sightseeing and animal watching, as the local climate creates an environment that drives animals to watering holes where it is easier for travelers to observe them in their natural habitats. During the greener spring and summer seasons of November through March, travelers have the chance to see newborn animals and enjoy the amazingly warm nights in Nyati’s luxury lodges.

As for travel requirements and facts about the various countries around South Africa to which your excursions and activities might take you, Nyati Safari’s website provides an extensive overview of frequently asked questions that address any and all travel concerns you might have prior to your travel to South Africa. Overviews of Visa requirements, vaccination requirements, local customs that may not be readily familiar to travelers, and other necessary information anyone traveling to South Africa would find invaluable. Additionally, the website offers travelers access to country fact sheets for surrounding countries, each of which provides overview of the local customs, climate, currencies, languages, and other relevant information to make your time visiting them more enjoyable.

The key to a successful and trouble free trip is communicating to your travel advisor at Nyati Safari what you’re looking to get out of your vacation to South Africa. By clearly indicating what you want out of your trip, your advisor can tailor your travel experience – from safari to optional activities in and around the Nyati Safari Lodge complex, from excursions into Kruger National Park to trips to surrounding highlights such as Cape Town, Victoria Falls, and other amazing destinations throughout the region.

We have handpicked the most exciting destinations in Southern Africa, which can be combined with our South African Lodges at Nyati Safari. We can always tailor your holiday according to your special wishes.

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A holiday trip to South Africa would be anyone’s dream come true considering the popularity of the country as one of the most sought after countries. There are many travellers who keep coming back to the country and discover new things about the place during every visit. After all, South Africa has so much to offer in terms of beaches, safaris, nature and of course partying.

All trips to South Africa should be well planned otherwise the place has so much to offer that a visitor will be easily distracted and confused. Your itinerary should be reflective of what you want to see rather than what others have advised you to.

There are a number of websites on South Africa tours that will help you zero in on your options in the country. The websites are packed with information on South Africa and what are the things that you can see and do while in the country. However, your travel itinerary should be prepared keeping in mind your likes so study all your options before you start the vacation.

It is important to chalk down all the things that you wish to do and accordingly make your preparations for the same. The first and foremost thing should be to get yourself acquainted with the country and all that it has to offer so that you can make your choices. Once you have decided on the places that you want to visit and the activities that you wish to do in the country, you can go about planning your trip to South Africa.

While planning your trip ensure that your physical and mental health permits you to do certain adventure based activities in South Africa. Most of these adventure activities like parasailing, paragliding, para-jumping require you to be physically strong and healthy before you can attempt these.

Also, check your options in terms of food especially if you are a vegetarian. Check with your hotel whether they serve your preferred dishes otherwise do an internet search to find out the restaurants in South Africa that cater to your taste. You don’t want to end up being hungry and cranky on your dream vacation.

You can check the internet for the travel company that you would like to do your tours with. It’s not a good idea to roam in a foreign country unaccompanied because you would miss out on plenty of hot spots. Besides, your guide can offer you deep and additional knowledge of a lot of places that may not even be available on the net or in tourist guide books.

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Africa is a continent of adventure where the variety of flora and fauna, weather and climes, distinct geographical regions such as deep tropical forests and desserts, mountains and plains, rich tribal cultures that have been existing from the dawn of civilization and modern city life akin to the developed west lie next to each other. No wonder adventure travel in Africa is in great demand amongst tourists from all over the world.

The Geographical variation of the region with low lands and mountains, plateaus and lakes makes Malawi a wonder place to travel. The country is small and poor yet being located on the shores of the mighty lake and with the great rift valley running through the middle makes options such as Malawi self drive safari and others truly tempting and attractive for the traveler looking for Adventure Travel in Africa.

Since the country is small and elongated, there are three distinct regions; North, Central and South. All the three regions have great geographical diversity. Hence Malawi self drive safari tours can be taken to combine elements of landscape, wildlife, lake and culture can be undertaken in each of these regions. Such a combination would give a completely different experience in each of the three regions.

Although the economy of Malawi is largely based on agriculture, a lot of emphasis is being given to tourism. In such a small country as Malawi there are more than 70 airports. Roads are being built and other infrastructure developed to make western travelers feel comfortable. Since the country is small; only 900 kms long and with widths that are varying but never more than 300 kms. This makes it possible for an avid traveler to opt for a Malawi self drive safari and experience the whole country in not a very long period of time. The experience would be still very interesting and just as exciting as most adventure travel in Africa.

Support for taking an enjoyable but safe Malawi safe drive safari across the whole country is given by different government agencies and travel and tourism companies. Large and strong Utility vehicles can be hired, maps and guides are also available; camping sites have been developed and medical aid, repair and maintenance of vehicles is found all over the country. Since English is the official language, it is not difficult for a westerner to get around. Malawi offers the best of Adventure travel in Africa in a short span of time and in a considerable shorter distance in terms of travel. Take your family on a Malawi self drive safari to show them the warm heart of Africa.

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African Overland Travel Tips

Safari Hat

There are numerous preparations you should make before you leave for your overland trip to Africa.

It is especially important to be aware of the physical conditions and safety considerations if you are considering a trip to Africa. African travel needs a traveller to be prepared in order to keep themselves safe and healthy.

Research the political situation in the country you are planning to visit before you book and confirm your travel. Official web sites on the Internet will provide you with complete and up-to-date information.

Before You Leave Home

A crucial consideration is to pack wisely and don’t over-pack. But how do you determine what’s essential and what’s not? Although having the proper clothing is very important, the key is to travel light but travel smart. It is recommended that you check out the local climate and weather conditions before you embark on a safari. If you have booked through an African travel specialist for your trip to Africa, contact that company for clothing suggestions during the specified period of your African travel.

Be sure to include good walking shoes that are comfortable and already broken in; don’t make the mistake of bringing brand new shoes. Include comfortable, but protective clothing for your safari. Long-sleeved shirts help protect your arms from the sun and long pants will help protect you from mosquitoes, especially in the evenings. Wearing neutral-colored clothing will help you blend in with the surroundings while you are admiring the wildlife and will also reflect the sun, keeping you cooler. You may also want to bring along a warm jacket for cool nights. In addition, you’ll want to take some “dressier clothes” for when you’re planning to be in one of the larger African cities where more formal attire is appropriate.

Sun Protection

Regardless of the time of year your trip to Africa is, the sun’s heat will be significant during the day. High SPF sunscreen and lip balm are a must, as well as a hat, bandana, sunglasses and so forth. Covering up when in the sun is the best approach to ultraviolet ray protection. Generally, fabrics with a tighter, denser weave give the best protection. Knit constructions, such as cotton t-shirts, give relatively poor protection (SPF rating of 4.8) since UV rays pass through loops on the knit structure. African travel can be dangerous for those who do not take the necessary precautions.

What about Health Care and Medicine?

Pack a medical kit for your overland tourYou should definitely schedule a doctor’s visit for a complete medical check up well in advance before you depart on African travel. First and foremost, you should remember to have prescriptions filled with an adequate supply of the medications you are currently taking. If you are visiting an area known to have malaria, you should consider taking prophylactic malaria medication. Your family physician and safari travel company can offer advice regarding this medication based on the region you are planning to visit. It is also a good idea to have a dental check-up before your trip to Africa.

Be sure to enquire about the quality of the drinking water and, if in doubt, drink only bottled. Many people become dehydrated when on safari because they forget to drink enough water – be sure to drink plenty of water every day. Re-hydration tablets are also a good item to bring along, just in case.

Pack a medical kit with painkillers, bug repellants, anti-diarrhea pills, bandages and antiseptics for yourself and anyone traveling with you. Finally, ensure that your insurance coverage is adequate in case you become sick or injured abroad. There are insurance companies that specialize in overseas travel insurance and offer short-term coverage’s to suit all needs – your travel agent can help with recommendations.

When You Arrive

After you arrive at your destination, there are some additional points worth noting to preclude illness, accident, or injury so you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest. First, to relieve symptoms of jet lag and fatigue, eat lightly, drink plenty of fluids and avoid alcohol and caffeine for a few days after your arrival. Also, try to adjust your activity levels to the local time zone as soon as possible to get you physically in sync with the local time.

One of the most common reasons for injury abroad is automobile accidents. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the local driving culture, road signs, speed limits and local police vehicles before attempting to drive.

When walking in cities and urban areas on your African travel experience, you may want to consider using two wallets. Hide one of them with the bulk of your cash, traveler’s checks, credit cards and other essential items in a safe place on your person. Fill the second wallet with a small amount of money, and use that for routine spending. In addition, you should avoid counting your money in public, as this will cause the unwanted attention of potential thieves.

Finally, if you must take an expensive laptop or camera when walking around in populated areas, try to conceal them as much as possible, preferably in an older or beat up bag.

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Make sure to visit Plettenberg Bay on the Garden Route if you ever feel like going to South Africa. With perfect weather and miles of white sandy beaches you would most likely never want to leave again. Sun seekers from all over the world visit this “Jewel of the Garden Route” time and time again

One of the best tourist attractions in the Garden Route is Whale Watching. You can see these beautiful mammals only a few feet away while strolling on the beach. Every year the whales visit the Garden route bays to come and calve and raise the young ones before the leave again.

Standing on one of the most southern tips of Africa the Robberg Nature Reserve will let you experience Africa at its best. In the Robberg Nature reserve there is also an island where you can watch as huge waves splash against the enormous rock formations leaving behind just pools of white foam.

The popularity of Plettenberg Bay in the Western Cape makes accommodation during high season almost unavailable. If you do plan on visiting during the December holidays, make sure to book well in advance. . Visitors from across South Africa as well as foreign countries pour down to the Garden Route during this time.

Whether you are looking for a self catering accommodation unit, a guest house or a private beach home, Plett has it all. Many locals use the high season time to flee from the crowds and let their properties to holiday makers. Most Estate Agents in Plettenberg Bay are also doing holiday rentals

The thing that still amazes me every morning when I wake up is the beautiful red skies accompanying the sunrise. It is completely as if God is painting a new sky every morning. Make sure you carry a camera because you would like to hold that memory as long as possible.

I always think that if you close your eyes while standing in the indigenous forests you can still hear the elephants that once roamed here. You will be expecting a fairy to jump out from behind a tree. Take a deep breath and you can smell the freshness of the ferns and the fynbos.

Christo Fouche is the author and creator of the Accommodation Website, Information Desk, which offers details about Western Cape Accommodation as well as Accommodation Garden Route
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Trips to South Africa can truly be the defining trip of a lifetime with sun, sand and surf, South Africa has everything anybody could ever ask for on a vacation. The pristine beaches of Cape Town with views second to none should be on every itinerary on tours to South Africa. Cape Town does however have more than just beautiful beaches. A historically important port, the town boasts of museums that have slivers of the long history of South Africa. Wine and dining options are varied and satisfy even the most discerning taste buds. A wild nightlife sometimes becomes the focal point of Cape Town. Quieter nights spent on moonlit beaches can spark something special in those who experience the magic of Cape Town.

Apart from Cape Town, South Africa tours often include Durban beachfront, Robben Island and the Wild Coast. Tours to South Africa embarked on through various travel agents and guides are often customized to suit preferences and tastes. Contrary to popular belief, South Africa has more than wildlife and natural reserves and parks that make tours to South Africa worthwhile. The Wild Coast is akin to being a cast away in a controlled situation. Deserted miles of beaches and trails and treks through the natural growth around the beaches make for a vacation where one can explore the coastline of South Africa. The unspoiled coastline offers views and the experience of truly having an entire beach to oneself that is hard to come by anywhere else on planet earth.

If the history of South Africa is enticing, then a visit to Robben island should be a part of the itinerary of South Africa tours. The island is historically important because of Nelson Mandela and his silent rebellion. The island was a prison that Nelson Mandela transformed into a symbol of freedom and the overthrow of oppression. The sheer triumph of the human spirit in the face of a stranglehold on freedom is personified in the island and the walls of the prison.

Trips to South Africa can only be incomplete without a visit to the sun’s residence, Durban. South Africa’s “Sunshine city” can turn South Africa tours into vacations that are truly unforgettable. The beautiful miles of beach offer something for everyone in a family. With marina parks, national parks and nightlife for the wild parties, trips to South Africa can make peace with every member of every family. Answering the call to bond with family then becomes a simple matter of taking the South African vacation.

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Finding out what vaccinations and immunizations you need before you travel to Africa is an important part of planning your trip. This article will help you find out what shots you need to get, where to get them, and which ones come highly recommended so you can stay healthy when you visit Africa.

Planning Your Vaccination Schedule

Some vaccinations, like that for Rabies, come in a series and you need to plan at least a few months ahead of your departure to fit them all in. Your regular doctor probably won’t be able to give you all the vaccinations you need, so you should contact the nearest travel clinic for an appointment. Click for Travel Clinics in the UK; Travel Clinics in the US; Travel Clinics in Canada.

Finding Out Which Vaccinations You Need

The health situation in most African countries requires visitors to be up to date with all common childhood vaccines. This includes Hepatitis B, diphtheria, tetanus, measles, mumps, rubella and polio. If you are traveling with children, make sure they have had all their shots. You may also need to get boosters for tetanus, diphtheria and measles if you haven’t had those in a while.

The following vaccinations are also highly recommended for travel to every African country:

Hepatitis A
Meningococcal meningitis
Recommended Vaccinations/Immunizations per Country

Some African countries have actual entry requirements and won’t let you in unless you have proof you’ve been vaccinated against a specific disease. The most common is yellow fever. Often, you need this only if you have traveled from a country where yellow fever is prevalent, so for those of you overlanding, it’s wise to get the shot before you go. Here’s a map of countries where yellow fever immunization is an entry requirement. Double check with the embassy of the country you are traveling to for the latest information.

Proof of immunization against cholera used to be a entry requirement for a lot countries but is no longer so. Many doctors agree the vaccine is actually quite useless.

Countries in Africa also differ as to which diseases are prevalent and you have to adjust your vaccinations according to your specific destination. While everyone should get the recommended shots listed above, to find out what you need to get per country see this health and travel web site for recommendations. Just click on the country you are visiting for a list of the vaccinations you should get.


There is no vaccine for malaria. If you are traveling anywhere in sub-Saharan Africa you should probably take anti-malaria prophylactics. For more information see “How to avoid malaria while traveling in Africa”.

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South Africa’s oldest and most popular national park, Kruger National park, provides arguably the best African wildlife safari experience. As an attestation to this fact, about one million visitors tour this park every year. The national park started as Sabi Game Reserve way back in 1898, to check the destruction of wildlife due to over-hunting. The park was later named after Paul Kruger who was the president of the Transvaal Republic at that time.

Kruger stretches from the Crocodile River in the south, to the Limpopo River in the north and runs for 350 km along the Mozambique-South Africa border. The park is fed by six rivers and has a wide variety of ecosystems; it carries 16 vegetation zones. Kruger is generally flat with an average height of 269 metres above sea level.

Though Kruger occupies 20,000 sq. km, it is the wooded and more lush Mpulanga region in Kruger’s south that is most popular with visitors. You can get to this region using any of the five gates at Numbi, Phabeni, Malelane, Paul Kruger and Crocodile Bridge. The arid central and northern regions are shrouded in some mystery tales and appeal more to the adventurous travelers. With fewer visitors visiting this region, it can be accessed through the Phalaborwa and Orpen gates.

Kruger is the most celebrated national park in South Africa due to its wide variety of game and bird life. Hundreds of different species can be found here: 507 birds, 336 trees, 147 mammals, 114 reptiles, 49 fish and 34 amphibians. It offers an unforgettable wildlife experience that can rival the best in Africa. In South Africa, this is the best place to see the fabled big five- lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo and rhino.

Owing to its wildlife diversity and the presence of complete food chains in the ecosystem, Kruger attracts many scientists interested in researching animal behavior. Cheetahs, warthogs, zebras, impalas, giraffes, hippos, and baboons are some of the animal species found here alongside the big five.

You can access Kruger through nine gates, which are connected to the national road network by tarred roads. From Pafuri Gate in the north to Malelane Gate in the south is a 414 km drive. Once inside the park, it is obligatory to take a game drive. You may chose either a self-navigated game drive, or take a ranger guide as an escort. Kruger allows night game drives, when you can encounter nocturnal animals- bush babies, leopards, hyenas, owls and nightjars.

Many people touring Kruger prefer going for self-drive wildlife safaris on defined regular trails, but you may opt for ranger guided walking safaris if you are more adventurous. There are seven trails in the Kruger wilderness available for walking safaris, giving you the chance to watch wildlife up close as you also enjoy nature’s aroma. You can enjoy a three nights stay in a wilderness camp while on the walking expeditions, though, due to its popularity, early booking is advisable.

You can get to Kruger by the several daily flights from Johannesburg, Durban or Cape town. Phalaborwa Airport, Kruger/Mpumalanga International Airport (KMIA), and Hoedspruit Airport are the main airports where scheduled flights to Kruger national park land. Another alternative would be to take a rental car or charter plane from Kruger Mpumalanga Airport, East Gate Airport, or Kruger park gateway airport. Within the national park, accommodation facilities range from luxury lodges to self catering and camping sites, meeting the needs of travelers’ different budgets and tastes.

The author works with Africapoint – Online travel agents for Africa. Visit the Africapoint website for South Africa flights reservations and South Africa lodges and hotels booking.

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