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There are a number of people who like to visit Austria in their vacations. The beauty of this fantastic nation of Europe allures a large number of people from every part of the world. Today, Austria has become one of the most sought after tourist destinations.

There are different types of trips that are enjoyed by a large number of people without any second thought. For instance, individual travel, couple travel, group travel and more. The group travel is getting more and more popular these days. This is a type of travel, which is not only enjoyable for the people, but is also perfect for saving their bucks. A number of travel agencies offer the group travel Austria package with great discounts.

If you have a sufficient number of friends, family members, relatives or colleagues with you then you can apply for some special packages, which are available for the groups. The abatements that you get under these plans will definitely be very beneficial for you. Here are some tips for the groups of individuals, who are planning to make the trip to Austria.

Mistake done by some groups

A number of groups make a common mistake, that is, they use a single “one size fit all” plans. It remains very costly for them. But, the cost can be saved by using some careful steps.

What to do

The groups have better options. First, they should contact some incoming travel agency Austria. Such agencies can be found over the internet these days. After that, you are needed to see some of the packages being offered by the agencies. A careful analysis is required for saving your bucks. The travel agencies do full arrangement for the group visitors, so you do not find any glitch.

Where to go

The question may occur in the minds of many of the people about where to go to find these travel agencies. It is not an arduous task in the present scenario. There are a number of online sites available these days, on which you can apply. These sites belong to the travel agencies available in Austria.

What the travel agencies do

The travel agencies have been proven to be very useful for the tourists these days. You can visit different parts of Austria with ease and that too at very economical costs. They make different travel arrangements for you such as:

Hotel rooms: They book hotel rooms for you, which is why you are not required to be worried about your accommodation during your visit. You can choose the budget or luxury hotel as per your requirement.

Trip to distinct tourist spots: The agencies make the full arrangement for the groups for the trip to distinct tourist spots available in Austria. A number of Vienna groups (groups of people who like to visit Vienna) visit Austria every year, for whom all the travel arrangement is done by the travel agencies.

Arrangement of commuting: The arrangement of commuting is also done by these travel agencies. Appropriate vehicles according to the number of people are arranged. You are also provided the expert multilingual drivers.

Patrick Bot keeps the wonderful information about group travel Austria, which he likes to share in his articles. You can also get an overview about incoming travel agency Austria in his write-ups
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Why travel Italy by Train?

There are many places to visit in Europe. People often go to England to see castles, Germany to sample beer, and skiing in the Swiss Alps. However, if you are a true history buff, you will make a stop in Italy. Even if people do not go to the tourist centers, there are still many romantic and artistic places to stop. The Renaissance started in Italy before it started anywhere else. As with many other European countries, the place has many historic churches, basilicas and cathedrals. An individual may wonder how he should tour all of these places. One of the best ways to see the sights on the country is on the rails.

European countries have more public transportation available than many parts of the United States or Canada. An individual can get around in the country without a car, despite the prevalence of the Vespa scooters. An individual can see the country from the seats of a bus, but it is less expensive and more company to see it by train. A person planning on going on a rail tour should schedule his trips to take place outside of the peak season and outside of the rush hour. If an individual wants to pay more for his seats, he can pay extra for first class tickets.

Individuals who travel by train may want to book their seats before they take their trips. This is especially true if they take one of the more popular lines that run through the country. Eurostar is popular, but it is not always the best for people who only want to see the smaller cities and tourist destinations. The trains that visit the larger cities are generally faster. An individual can save money if he does not mind sitting on less comfortable seats. If someone wants to go to more destinations, there are plenty of smaller rail companies that reach the smaller towns in the country.

Traveling by rail has some advantages as opposed to air travel. It does not have ridiculous prices and European travelers are not subjected to the ridiculous security screenings.

More tips

Individuals still should pay attention to the schedules. Tables are posted in each train station. The timetables are posted in white, yellow or orange. Each schedule contains information about where an individual has to board and when he has to board. The tables should include schedule changes for special days.

There is one thing an individual or family traveling through Italy should know about his train ticket. A ticket only guarantees the holders transportation. It does not guarantee that a person has a seat on the train. If someone takes the train during rush hour, he may have to stand on a railing or in an aisle. If a person does not mind standing in the aisles, he may not worry about having a seat. Travelers who see Italy by train are getting an experience they can’t get elsewhere.

So if you are planning a trip to Italy, then you should consider the option of touring Italy by train. It is a great way to see the country.

Larry Aiello has a blog about Italy that provides all types of tips such as what to expect on the train ride to Venice from Rome. He also loves to teach people how to learn Italian.

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when to visit Ethiopia

This can depend on where you are going. In most of the country, the main rainy season runs from June to the beginning of September, with short rains in March. In the Omo and Mago parks however, in Southern Ethiopia, the seasons are different with the main rains from March to June and shorter rains in November.

A valid passport is required for travel to Ethiopia containing at least two blank pages per country and a validity of no less than six months beyond the period of your stay.


Any foreigners except those who hold the Kenyan, Tanzanian and Djibouti passport needs a visa!
You can get your visa from the Ethiopian embassies or consulates in your country but for the following listed countries, visa can be obtain on arrival at the airport in Addis Ababa: – Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea Republic, Kuwait, Luxemburg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russian Federation, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK, and US can obtain a visa on arrival for US$ 20 and two passport photos. This is only available at Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa. !

Money Matters

It is no longer obligatory for visitors to declare currency in their possession on arrival, but should visitors wish to change money back on departure, it will be necessary to produce receipts from banks and authorized foreign exchange dealers. The Ethiopian currency is the Birr, the rate of which against the US dollar is fixed in weekly auctions. Current exchange rate.
Credit card acceptance is now growing throughout the country, but only one bank (Dashen Bank) can issue cash on cards, to a limit of US$ 500.00 per day, and does not yet have branches in all main cities.
The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia also introduced ATM for Visa and other cards. But the service is still available only in the capital city.

Climate and clothing

Because of the elevation, temperatures rarely exceed 25 o C in most of the country, although in some of the lower lying areas (Awash, Omo and Mago parks) it can get considerably hotter. Pack light clothes for the day time and a jacket or sweater for the evenings, and a good pair of walking shoes even if you are not going trekking – path ways around historic sites are usually uneven and stony. Trekkers in the Simien and Bale Mountains will need warm clothes, waterproofs and 3-4 season sleeping bags. On a cultural note – Ethiopians are generally modest dressers, and visitors should be sensitive about going underdressed (shorts, tank tops and bare backed) into places of worship. Shoes must always be removed before entering churches and mosques – for getting around sites like Lalibela with its many churches airline socks are very useful.

I am an Ethiopian professional tour guide and tour operator. Currently I am working in a private tour operation company ,based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. My company isAberus Ethiopia Tours. For details visit

Solomon Admasu

Aberus Ethiopia Tours

I am proud to introduce you with Ethiopia as a destination where only few have been before. Ethiopia is a country bestowed with all tourist attractions be it historical, cultural and natural. Ethiopia is unique with no resemblance to your past experience anywhere in the globe. I tried my best to make this Blog informative about Ethiopia as a tourist destination and help travelers to choose Ethiopia as a destination and what to look forward in Ethiopia before set off their foot.

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by Mickki

Europe is a wonderful place that could be planned to explore while at the same time you enjoy it as well. One of the very well known parts of it is Switzerland. This small country is deemed a beauty crafted by the very hands of nature. People draw towards it as if drawn by magnets during winters as the beauty of the place increases many folds. This winter experience could make any other holiday experience seem insignificant. Switzerland Travel has been made convenient and more rewarding by the various Switzerland tour packages that are available in various plus and minus with travel agency. They make package more suitable for the concerned travel by making adjustment by customization.

Switzerland Tour Packages has attractions for food critics and connoisseurs and those who like to watch a building closely to understand its architectural nuances. With art, photography, nature and winter sports , Switzerland never fails to lure enthusiasts from all places of the world. Some of the top most vising places in Switzerland are Swiss national Park, Derborence Mountain Lake, Lake Toma, and Nature Park Chateau-d’Oex, San Gottardo Pass, Convent of St. John (Mustair), Mongo (Mountain Church), Gruyeres (a medieval town) and many more. People can rarely see such wonders in one single place. Switzerland Travel is promoted highly by the official websites as powered by Internet along with the movies that shoot in here. Swiss Winters are highlighted in them if not their cheese and chocolates but they are still a different experience.

People of every age and profession have some or the other thing to go after when they are in Switzerland. Everybody with interest in traveling to new places enjoy it more so even in winters. The winter sports attract everybody in the Alps and beyond in the snowy landscape. Traditional winters games like skiing, tobogganing and skating are enjoyed along with more dangerous evolution called Heliskiing or Heliboarding. They are banned in few places already butreason of great adrenalin rush. Thus, people generally plan their winters with Switzerland Tour packages to have maximum fun. Switzerland travel guide can be more exhaustive than the exploration of Switzerland in itself with the details of its emmental cheese, chocolates, each monument but who cares until useful information is coming along.

Switzerland tour packages are best for not taking up extra work in preparation. Just holidays passing in Switzerland tour and what else one could wish (for the time being)!

Emma D’suza is an expert author for travel articles who provides information about international holidays including Switzerland Tour Packages. Get all exclusive information about Switzerland Travel and International Travel Packages.
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When you are touring France, you are supposed to ensure that the trip ends successfully. Remember, the main aim of taking a trip to France is to relax and enjoy every moment. That’s what gives you the best travel experience. The best way to achieve this is to tour the most popular regions in this great state. Today, France is rated as one of the best holiday destinations in the world. It is known to have plenty of attractive sites that attract thousands of visitors from different corners of the world yearly. Therefore you can make your holiday trip more stimulating and unforgettable by touring France. You will have an excellent opportunity to view some of the most popular panoramas and engage in fascinating tourist activities such as sailing and beach parties. In addition, you will have an opportunity to take a trip to France without the fear of overspending thanks to the exciting France tour packages.

Long ago, most holidaymakers were hesitant to take a trip to France mainly due to the elevated cost of travel. However, the growing number of new travel agencies in France has compelled most of them to drop their rates with the intention of remaining competitive. This has in turn brought about the emergence of France tour packages that are meant to make the whole trip less costly and enjoyable. What is more, most of these travel agencies go further to offer discounts for their travel France travel packages. These travel deals have made it easier for travelers to tour the most popular parts of this great country without any financial quandaries.

Prior to the development of France travel deals, it was extremely expensive for holidaymakers to access quality travel services especially since they had to purchase everything separately. But today things have changed tremendously and travelers are able to obtain everything they require for their holidays in an all-inclusive package. A France tour package is vital because it helps people to save time and cut down on the cost of traveling to Spain. Therefore, apart from enjoying quality travel services, you will have a chance to make huge savings on your holiday.

Nevertheless, you should not just pick any tour package to France simply because a lot of your colleagues rave about it. You need to bear in mind the fact that not all France travel packages are ideal for you. Therefore it is essential to do careful research on the accessible packages before you decide on the one to buy. Try to check the positive and negative aspects of each of them before you make any purchase. You also need to understand that some these travel packages come with hidden charges. This can push the total cost of your trip extremely high especially because you will be required to pay for something you had not budgeted for. That is why you ought to be more considerate when choosing your package. Always choose a package that suits your specific travel needs. Also, make sure that you do not break your bank when purchasing your France vacation package.

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Netherlands is more than just the tulip fields, dikes, windmills, and bikes. Learn more about the country, experience Dutch life as it happens, and walk along its streets and walk with its history, culture and people. So plan the trip, pack your bags and head for these places and activities in the Netherlands.

1.) Amsterdam

If there’s one thing that draws people into this city, it’s probably the relaxed atmosphere that you never get to experience elsewhere. Amsterdam locals have found a way to balance business life with relaxation and to find time to bask in the sun and to attend business responsibilities. Shop, dine, party, and relax in this care-free, liberal city with its friendly English-speaking people.

2.) Delft

Delft is a town of beauty, with its houses, tree-lined canals, and historical landmarks. Walk around the historical town and be enthralled by the tranquility of its bridges, pavements, houses, and brickworks that stood the tests of time. You can also go to Delftse Hout recreation area and try windsurfing, swimming in its lake and narrow beaches, or check out its community gardens, camping areas and other sports facilities.

3.) Haarlem

Get a taste of the Harleem beer where it is brewed. Take a walk in the bustling Grote Markt on Mondays and Saturdays and enjoy the market, buy anything from clothing materials to fresh herring. Tulips also grow in abundance in Haarlem, so make sure to visit and take a sniff of one of the Haarlem’s most prized industry.

4.) The Red Light District

From cutouts faces to literal red lights, the Netherlands’ Red Light District has left nothing to imagination. Walk in its alleys, interact with other people and learn something new. Remember, there’s no place like the RLD, and it deserves a visit.

5.) The Hague

The Hague, with all its 100 km2 piece of land, serves as the home of the Dutch Government, the International Court of Justice, and the International Criminal Court. This makes The Hague not only important in terms of domestic affairs but also in terms of international judicial system as well. Take a peek into the live and culture of this city by visiting its museums and other tourist destinations.

6.) Bike Tour

Biking has been a way of life for the Dutch people, and people from all walks of life do it for health, economic or recreational reasons. Travel the Netherlands on two wheels and see a place you’ll never see on four wheels. Better yet, join the Dutch bicycle tour and experience Netherlands the way you never imagined.

7.) Beer Drinking

Going to a beer-exporting country demands you should taste it on site, and Heineken is not the end of the Dutch beer line. This never seems to be a problem for the Dutch people who ship some 1,300 million liters of beer annually and allows 16 year olds to drink their beer. Whether you drink it as a delicacy or you just want an excuse to crawl to your hotel’s door, a Dutch retreat is never a Dutch retreat without those Heinekens.

8.) Keukenhof Gardens

Love Flowers? See how nature and Dutch hands create a paradise with blooming tulips, hyacinths and other assortments of flowers. River cruises that features spring tulip cruises are also being offered to people who would want to take a look of Keukenhof Gardens and the rest of the Netherlands.

9.) Hoge Veluwe National Park

Measuring 5,500 hectares, Hoge Veluwe National Park is the largest national reserve in the Netherlands. It is home not only for drift-sands, wild deer and other animals but also to the Kröller-Müller Museum, the repository of Helene Kröller-Müller’s art collection. While going there with four wheels is not advisable, you can rent white bicycles in three designated regions and hope you will never get lost in the see of green and gold.

10.) Van Gogh Museum

Netherlands is home not only for budding tulips but also for famous painters and artists. Located in Amsterdam, Van Gogh Museum is considered one of the best galleries that feature impressionist artworks. Walk in and see “The Potato Eaters” and “The Yellow House in Arles” right before your eyes.

Jonathan Williams is the travel writer for Destination Guide TV – the place to share travel videos. Visit to view or share Netherlands travel videos.

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Traveling to Denmark could be a fantastic experience in learning about its varied culture. It is similar to drawing near the world we reside in, there are lots of countries and languages that can be difficult to learn. By visiting certain locations, one can get a way to get exposed to those civilizations and traditions.

It is exciting to learn numerous games that we normally do not usually play, and also the foodstuff that we don’t generally eat. We are now living in a multicultural community, and everyone must have familiarity with the cultures which exist in lots of global countries.

Traveling is not hard since it was some ten years ago. The earning levels of global consumers have increased; people normally like to spare thirty percent of their earnings on enjoyment activities. Touring is among those activities, that is favored and budgeted by the majority of people. The incoming economic deals have relieved their challenges to a higher degree.

The working individuals don’t await their income amounts anymore, to satisfy the vacation desires of families. The existence of cost effective travel packages is getting the workforce and they are more involved with quality enjoyment. The lavish living is inspiring; this also provides them the satisfaction of living in a costly place affordably.

The resort rooms tend to be more similar to five star hotels; they have all kinds of leisure packages. The economic deals give useful advantages to family members, because the teenagers are never pleased with inside vacations they desire fun and thrills. While, the older persons are more interested in resting at tranquil high end couches and mattresses. Shopping discount rates, intercity travel, swimming, health facilities, sauna bath and many such features make the consumers to become part of international getaways.

Much like great and rejuvenating food improves the chances of a healthy body, one should work for improvement of mental health. Recreational activities substantially play a role in good health of consumers where there are numerous health advantages of traveling to healthy locations like Denmark. The stunning resorts and getaway areas are the centre of attraction for travel lovers, just spending their times far away from the living areas.

Travel Denmark are great for wedded couples, along with husbands and wives. Just forget about your tension and frustration, because the fantastic Denmark attractions can provide your life a new path. It is a life time chance for many individuals. This will take their mind off from all type of issues, they’re in.

Individuals who are struggling with psychological health problems could be quickly alleviated, there are many vocational pursuits that one won’t have any time to think of troubles. No matter how much you use the guidance services to ease yourself from work and family stress, sometimes by changing the environment and traveling to world’s most fantastic place may magically mend everything about living.

The brain also needs food, these adventure trips might be valuable in boosting the overall health of the person. Touring is loved by lots of people, but because of past ordeals and travel discomforts they avoid visiting many global resort points.

For additional recommendations on Europe Travel Information, why not read more at

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Spending family holidays in Poland can be the vacation of a lifetime. After all, Poland is known for its rich history, particularly for its enchanting medieval towns and its Nazi concentration camps that take you back in time. Still, a trip to Poland can put a strain on your budget, so it’s a good idea to try to cut down on expenses as much as you can.

One way to save on your trip to Poland is to book a cheap car hire. Indeed, renting a car isn’t just less expensive than booking group tours. It also allows you to choose more affordable places for dining, shopping and lodging.

Booking a cheap car hire also means you can make the most out of your vacation in Poland, particularly since you can spend as much time as you want admiring each World Heritage Site. You can spend more quality time with your family, too.

You can also save on your family holidays in Poland by not staying at a hotel. Rather, spend the night in a private room, a pension house or an apartment for rent. These offer much more affordable rates than hotels. You can opt to stay at a hostel, too – if you can tolerate the curfew or share the floor with school groups, that is.

Also, consider eating at out-of-the-way cafes or looking for milk bars (don’t worry, they serve more than milk) rather than dining in the restaurants you see on your guide. You’ll get a taste of the Polish cuisine along with a more unique dining experience.

You can save on shopping, too, while spending your family holidays in Poland. Just be sure to shop in quaint little souvenir shops in the various towns instead of buying your souvenirs from the stores in Warsaw for better bargains.

Finally, avoid making your trip to Poland in July and August since these months are considered tourist peak season in Poland. This means it will be more difficult to find cheap rooms and apartments. You also might not be able to enjoy fully since the tourist attractions will be crowded.

Indeed, there are several ways to save on your family holidays in Poland. You just have to do your homework and be prepared to make small sacrifices. After all, you don’t need luxury accomodations or gourmet dining to make your vacation complete. What matters most is that you get to spend time with your family in one of the best European tourist destinations.

Isabella Olsen is a writer for various travel magazines who has toured global tourist destinations by car. To book your cheap rental car Poland or learn more about hiring cheap cars worldwide, visit
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Planning for an elopement to Italy, this adorable country of the Europe continent is a great and wise idea. Italy offers the most ambitious traveler the ‘wish come true’ experience with its top of the world spectacular sceneries, churches, adorable art, style and luxury as well as yes, delicious cuisines. Cities like Venice famous for Gondola and then the city of Rome are some of treasures of Italy. This is just but a tip of iceberg!

It is no wonder Italy has been a long time favorite travel destination for the real rich novae in society, kings and queens but this fame has pinned Italy’s demand highest and so is the cost for a holiday in Italy. A cost effective Italy travel is therefore quite hard to come by, on the other hand easy if you have adequate and accurate info on Italy travel.

However, a detective work to study Italy tourism industry can give you some good affordable options Italy travel packages. There are several travel companies around the globe that provide subsidized and affordable travel packages in Italy. Hundreds are available online. Nevertheless, what you are looking for in a travel company is quality and affordability. You do not settle for a travel company that does not offer full benefits that you can possibly afford according to your budget.

To get a good Italy travel package, you need to first gauge your budget. Travel companies have diverse budgets for their clients. However, it is imperative to check that your choice company does not give you inadequate service. This can happen if you make an uninformed choice of a travel company. Ensure you commence your Italy travel plan to by consulting various travel providers in Italy then make comparisons. What you will be aiming at is a company that offers the best deal; the best value for your money- your specific budget. Also look out for company that offers a good balance of their services.

Most companies offering travel packages put a captivating introductory offer then you realize that you cannot survive with the inadequacies and insufficiencies they put you through. Get a company that offers the most cost effective and the least compromise of quality. You do not want to be limited by your seemingly little finances to fail to savor the tasteful Italy. When in the tour of Italy, the gist is to have fun away from the perfunctory routine. You do not want to spoil the mood.

Do not be captivated by Italy travel packages that are super cheap. There is bound to be some serious shortcomings associated and you will not get the best possible. There will either be for instance limitations of time you wish to spend on some tour sites over Italy, or may be poor accommodation for instance you find yourself in a crummy hotel and so on. This way you will compromise your relaxation of which is part of the reasons you are holidaying in Italy. Instead, always go for a compromise of quality and affordability.

More Information Italy travel, Italy travel packages, etc.

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Because public transportation is non-existent outside of Reykjavik, renting a car is the cheapest way to see Iceland. Renting a car on the island is cheaper than the sightseeing tours sold through the tourist information centers, and gives you a lot more flexibility to explore Iceland. Below are several ways to rent a car in Iceland without blowing your travel budget.

Search online: You can cut your costs significantly by booking your Iceland car rental online. By booking through we were able to cut our savings by 50%. Even the walk-in quotes were still considerably more expensive than booking online. The cheapest Iceland rental car company we found was, which gives its customers a 15% discount if they book through their online website.

Get your rental car at Keflavik International Airport: The airport is located approximately an hour from Reykjavik, so in order to get to the city you can either pick up your rental car at the airport or pay $ 20-$ 25 each way to get to and from the airport on the shuttle bus.

Extend your rental: By renting your car for more than a few days, you will be able to cut your rental fees drastically.

Don’t buy it: You don’t need theft insurance for the vehicle. According to our agent at Hertz, car thefts in Iceland are rare and he actually told us not to bother with any of the additional insurance (yes, they have insurance for ash from the volcano) either, so we didn’t.

Petrol Blues: When considering renting a car be sure to factor in the cost of gas. In Europe, petrol is sold by the litre not the gallon; therefore, expect to pay about $ 5 per gallon.

The low season: The off-season in Iceland, Sept. 1 to May 31, is the best time to rent a car in Iceland, because the cost of the rental car can drop by more than 50% during this time period.

Learn more about Iceland culture. Stop by Randy Kalp’s site where you can find out all about the horses of Iceland and island’s beautiful landscape.