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Are you looking to choose somewhere a little different for your summer break? If so Tango Tours holidays in Argentina could be just the ticket for you. Tango Tours is a family-run tour operator who concentrates on what they know best, holidays in Argentina. Tango Tours holidays in Argentina offer complete, tailor made holidays including flights, hotel accommodation and guided tours around one of the most diverse and beautifully intriguing countries in the world. Our holidays in Argentina packages are separated into either the bronze, silver, gold or platinum packages as well as specialist packages that include our wine tasting package, designed to cater for your tastes and allowing you to get exactly what you want out of any of our holidays in Argentina. Our bronze package allows you a private tour of Argentina. All accommodation, flights and excursions are arranged specifically with you in mind. We offer you a detailed and time effective itinerary, allowing you to see the very best any holidays in Argentina could possibly offer. The bronze package, for our holidays in Argentina, is our budget tour of Argentina. This fantastic package offers you the opportunity to see the best of just what Argentina has to offer at a cost that is exceedingly fair and reasonable. The tour commences in the romantic, cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires where you can take in everything from tango dancing to football. You can visit the colourful neighbourhood of Boca and the resting place of Evita. If that’s not enough we’ll then fly you to the Perito Glacier near the city of El Calafate in the south of Patagonia and eventually on to north Argentina where you’ll witness one of the most awe-inspiring places in the world, the Iguaza waterfalls. Tango Tours holidays in Argentina offer you the chance to go on a once in a lifetime experience. We offer you the opportunity to tailor any holidays in Argentina exactly how you want to. For detailed information on our packages and just how we can organise holidays in Argentina that’ll make you the envy of all your friends then come and visit us today at:

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Tasting the regional delights of a country is one of the best parts of travelling. Find out more about the culture and the people while eating some delicious treats. Break bread and drink with locals to get a true taste of somewhere, a salud to those to toast new friendships with their top alcoholic beverages on one of the many patagonia adventures.

Beef and Argentina come hand in hand, and this meat is probably what the country is known for. One of the favoured cooking methods is the asado, in which meats such as beef are grilled or cooked over an open flame. If you happen to be in the Patagonia area of the country, you may find that it’s goat or lamb that makes its way onto the barbecue. No matter where you are, it can be a mix of several of these choices. To season your meat, try the chimichurri sauce, a yummy mix of vinegar, garlic and herbs.

Perfect for going along with that delicious Argentine beef is some equally delicious Argentine wine. Wine is another thing that the country is known for, reds are top of the range, and Malbec is globally recognised. There are many more varietals produced here than Malbec however and there is even a white, Torontel, that is an Argentine original.

For something a bit lighter and easier to eat on the go, try an empanada. These bits of dough can be stuffed with a variety of filings including beef, chicken, seafood, cheese or swiss chard. The north like to fry them, but across the rest of the country these tend to be oven baked.

When you are in Buenos Aires in particular, you can enjoy cuisine from several other countries, due to the many immigrants who made their ways here. Italian food is one of the most well represented, making it easy to find pastas and pizzas as well as gelato for dessert. When it comes to dessert, one that has to be tried is the alfajore. This is a cookie filled with dulce de leche, a sauce similar to caramel. This filling is used in a variety of pastries and one of the favourites. Enjoy one of them with a cup of coffee, a common part of everyone’s day here.

As far as beverages go, no discussion about food and drink in Argentina would be complete without mentioning yerba mate. Yerba mate is a plant which is made into a tea and usually drunk from a cup that comes with its own straw. This can be a drunk with guests in a ritual sort of way with the mate being prepared for each person, one at a time, using one single cup. It’s not unusual to see Argentines travelling around with one of these cups in hand during argentina expeditions .

Heard enough? Ready to get out there and experience it for yourself? Argentina is a huge nation full of opportunity for the adventurous traveller. For ideas , browse some of the exciting patagonia adventures offered by this specialist in argentina adventure travel

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In the heart of South America lies a place admired for its beauty and historico-cultural heritage. Fall in love with the beauty of its wilderness and of its people by traveling in this landlocked country. Here’s where you can go to maximize your stay in Paraguay.

1.) Iguassu Falls

Iguassu Falls lies in the border of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, churning some 553-m3 of water per second down its 269 feet. Situated in the heart of a pristine forest, it is very much recommended for nature lovers, travelers seeking solace and to photographers who wants to capture beauty on their film. Plan a day to enjoy Paraguayan flora and fauna in this area.

2.) Ciudad del Este

Admire the dynamics of a bustling flea market while shopping your heart out and looking for the best bargains in Ciudad del Este. Watch people and products travel the crowded streets like ants carrying supplies for the rainy days. Shop, walk, taste, and discover another side of Paragauayan’s life.

3.) Museum of the Guarani Land

Retrace ten thousand years of Gurani occupation, tradition and culture by going to the Museum of the Gurani Land located some 11.5 kilometers from Ciudad del Este. This free-access museum offers activities and exhibits to help teachers and students learn more about the Gurai culture. Learn more and appreciate Paraguayan culture better by finding your way to this place.

4.) Refugio Biológico Tatí Yupí

Following the construction of Itaipú Dam in Paraguay is the development of natural forest and water system to protect animals that seek shelter near the dam. Go to this refuge and experience superb camping and wonderful camping facilities offered by the place. Biking and horseback-riding is also a must for people who are planning to stay here.

5.) Casa de la Independencia

After some three hundred years of colonization, Paraguayan s declared their independence in Casa de la Independencia in 1811. Relive those magic moments through the place’s collection of coins, furniture, speeches, and other memorabilia. Dictionary or knowledge of Spanish language is required because texts are written in Spanish.

6.) The Chaco

This 330-m2 reserve is six times than Yosemite National Park and covers parts of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, and Paraguay. The Gran Chaco Americano is a place to enjoy biological diversity as it happens. Take a look in this Paraguayan site and marvel at the varying topographical conditions of the site, the biological diversity that are in existence in the flowing forest, and the people who are maintaining their own cultural identities.

7.) Asado

Asado is a selection of grilled meats roasted in open fire. This is extremely popular in Paraguay, thanks to the high concentration of cattle in the area. Roam around the country, and you will never run out of this delicacy.

8.) Asuncion

Built over the hills above Rio de Paraguay, Asuncion is Paraguay’s home for historical architecture and art. Enjoy its colorful festivals scattered all over the year and see Asuncion in full bloom. The celebration has its way of infecting people, so take a step out and dance your way into the crowd.

9.) Lago Ypacari

Take a dip into the famous lake in Paraguay and enjoy the sights, the spray and the fun that comes with it. This lake is also thought to have curative powers so enjoy some free healing while you’re at it. There’s no stopping you, however, from enjoying some time swimming and playing water sports here.

10.) Trinidad & Jesús

Trinidad & Jesús is a Jesuit settlement in Paraguay built for religious, educational and defensive measures. Admire the tranquility and solace this place offers by camping out near the ruins and hiring local guides to get your way around the place. No need to worry, these guides speak their English, German and Spanish.

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Enjoy pristine beaches, larger-than life steaks, ranches, and other things that offer more than just a South American environment. Travel to historic sites and places of cultural importance and learn the Uruguayan’s way of life. Have a luxurious escape into this South American paradise by going in these heavenly places on Earth.

1.) Punta del Diablo

Find a quiet escape from the busy city in this tranquil part of Uruguay. Walk in miles of empty beach coastlines, surf and fish till you drop, and enjoy wooden cabins and trouble-free rural lifestyle. Learn from people whose lives are as nature-oriented and as down-to-earth as the peaceful surrounding.

2.) Punta del Este

Punta del Este is known world-wide as a plush resort with miles of beaches, a string of luxurious hotels and restaurants and never-ending reasons to party. While it’s not as famous as its European and American counterparts, its untamed charm and stunning beauty makes people come every summer. Strut your winning figure in its beaches by engaging in its beach activities or partying in its all-night discos.

3.) Isla de Gorriti

Do you find Punta del Este serving too many people that it spoils the fun you deserve? Then go to Isla Goritti and find more beaches that could satisfy the hydrophilic man in you. Eighteenth-century fortresses also abound this idyllic place.

4.) Montevideo

Travel to the place of Spanish-Italian art deco designs and see for yourself the cultural diversity in this patch of land. While it lost many tourists over to more famous tourist zones, Montevideo has its own beaches and festivities to be proud of. Travel between late February and early March and find yourself in the middle of a dancing spree in the Montevideo streets.

5.) Casa Pueblo

Take a look inside the Uruguay’s Mediterranean villa and art gallery and explore its rooms devoted to Carlos Vilaro’s masterpieces. Located only five minutes off Punta del Este, Casa Pueblo offers breathtaking edifice that serves as a repository for the equally astounding works of art. A bar was conveniently placed for visitors to unwind in a totally different ambience.

6.) Water Sports

Uruguay’s long beach lines give unlimited possibilities when it comes to water-based activities. Find your gear and do some boating, surfing, swimming, and fishing in some of the beautiful waters in the world. With Uruguay’s water, there are simply unlimited opportunities to enjoy.

7.) Colonia del Sacramento

Overlooking Rio de Plata, Uruguay’s Colonia del Sacramento is a place where you can have some of the most cobbled streets, vibrant history and most scenic spots together. Visit the city’s museum, drawbridge, lighthouse, and bullrings. Plan your trip in this place and experience the life with happy Uruguayans, nightspots and other places of amusement.

8.) Plaza de Torros

Plaza de Torros is located outside Real de San Carlos, Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay. Let your eyes feast in Plaza de Torros’ grand architecture that characterizes this short-lived bullring. Sneak in with the locals through a broken gate and enter the bull fighter’s arena.

9.) Feria de Tristan Narvaja

Located in Monetevideo, Feria de Tristan is the Uruguay’s center for antiques, records, astesanias, and more. Shop around for secondhand books, pets, fruits, vegetables, and fish in this one-of-a-kind market. Shop during Sundays and treat yourself with a hoard of bohemian goods on display.

10.) Palacio Salvo

Any Uruguayan trip is incomplete without a visit in this spot in Montevideo. Located in the intersection of 18 de Julio Avenue and Plaza Independencia, this building intended for hotel is now a home for a multitude of residential units and office spaces. Treat yourself with some contemporary architecture by visiting this Uruguayan high-rise.

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South America’s smallest Spanish speaking country is known as Uruguay. This may be the reason that most tourists have overlooked the country in the past. However to not include Uruguay on your travel itinerary would be a drastic error on your part for you would be passing up a travel paradise. Uruguay has lots to offer the visiting tourist especially for those travelers who appreciate the vivid nightlife that the country has to offer. Once you have arrived and related to this small country you will quickly agree that Uruguay is one of the countries which is certainly worth exploring and is particularly nice to discover.

Modernization has taken its toil in this hospitable country. The people in this land have been enjoying the high standards of their living however perhaps since is low key and the country has not invested heavily in advertising funds most people are unaware as to what the country really has to offer. As a result of this lack of proper advertising Uruguay has lost a considerable amount of the tourist trade to it neighbors Argentina and Brazil. Never the less one should seriously consider a visit to this small nation when planning your next South American trip or vacation.

Here in Uruguay you can readily discover a lost feeling of tranquility and enjoy a relaxed vacation along the countries long stretch of sandy white beaches and partake of its related beach activities. You can feel the fresh wind slapping gently upon your face while you engage in some enjoyable horse back riding. Here you can take advantage of the laid back vacation style and truly experience the various cultures and daily life of the people in this friendly country.

Although Uruguayans share a Spanish cultural background, about 25% of the people are of Italian heritage. Many are Roman Catholic although most Uruguayans do not actively practice a religion. Church and state are officially separated.

Uruguay has a high literacy rate, large urban middle class, and relatively even income distribution. The standard of living there compares favorably with that of most other Latin American countries. Montevideo, with about 1.3 million inhabitants, is the only large city. During the past twenty years, an estimated 500,000 Uruguayans have emigrated, principally to Argentina and Spain. As a result of the low birth rate, high life expectancy, and relatively high rate of emigration of younger people, Uruguay’s population is quite mature.

Some must see places in the country of Uruguay are within Montevideo the country’s capital and they including the breathtaking 17th century Colonial port or the Punta del Este which is a very fashionable and trendy beach resort. You and your family can explore and enjoy Uruguay’s’ long stretch of Atlantic coastlines, lagoons and their famous sand dunes which surely will take your breath away. You will quickly run through roll after roll of film in your camera as you try to take as many of these breathtaking photos as you possibly can. Your camera simply cannot get enough pictures of the beautiful scenery. The fun and adventure will never stop in this place as you relax in one of Uruguay’s many hot springs such as is found in nearby Salto. Nearby you can party the entire night till your hearts desire within the Gaucho country.

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Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands are renowned destinations in Ecuadorian region among adventure aficionados and bird lovers. Ecuador is all-encompassing of the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific, which’s about one thousand kilometres west of the mainland. Ecuador is an extremely bio diverse province consisting of 1,600 bird variety in the continental region along with thirty-eight more widespread in the Galapagos Islands. These islands are well-known for cruise ships, trekking tours and scuba diving as well.

Here are top 5 causes to tour the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador in your next holiday:

Amazon rain forest:

Amazon Rainforest is certainly one of the best reasons to travel Ecuador. Offering eco-friendly experience to the travellers, Amazon Rainforest tours offer hiking, bird watching and fishing experiences to be cheered forever. There’re several eco-friendly lodges that offer a whole diverse experience to the holiday makers.

Scuba diving:

Fun of discovering the rate marine creatures under the water in will add sheer adventure to your trip. Holiday makers can take help from a skilled scuba driver & can go crazy under water.

Bird watching:

Ecuador is very well-known for a large selection of bird species. Hiring qualified guides who’re well acquainted with various languages can make holiday makers’ trip fascinating by including most numbers of birds in their trip.

Deluxe yachts:

Common birds of the Galapagos Islands are a real treat to the eyes. Travelers won’t like to miss the delight of capturing some rare species discovered in the Galapagos Islands. Tourists can hire deluxe yachts to tour this group of islets for an experience of life-time.
Andes mountain range:

Also, Ecuador is renowned for its share of the Andes Mountain range. Travelers can get prepared to enjoy camping, rafting and hiking challenges on this mountain range.

No doubt, Ecuador is an ideal destination for big groups and family who can travel around together the exquisiteness of the planet where we breathe. Tourists can merge the delight of Ecuador & adventure of Galapagos into 1 single trip.

Many tour operators in Ecuador are providing custom-made tours to the holiday makers as per their preference and budget. If you want to discover this part of the world appropriately, you must spend some precious time in finding a reliable tour operator in this region. No matter whether you are looking for Cotopaxi & devil’s nose tours or Ecuador Amazon adventure tours, a reliable tour operator can arrange it all in the best possible manner.

Maggo Rojas is associate knowledgeable from the travel and transportation business and runs his own Galapagos Islands Hotels. He conjointly likes to write down several fascinating articles and blogs on Cotopaxi & devil’s nose, serving to individuals get the foremost from these services and therefore the numerous factors moving it.To learn more, please visit:

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Though it is best known as the home of Jim Jones’ cult compound in Jamestown, Guyana is one of the smallest countries in the north east section of South America. Actually not so small when it comes to offering tourists and visitor attractions and enjoyment unheard of elsewhere. Tourists can enjoy the coastlines of the Caribbean or if they prefer they can relax comfortably in one of the countries modern hotels located anywhere along the coastline. Guyana is world known for its grand buildings which feature some very great and interesting architecture. Its boulevards are beautifully lined with many well trimmed tropical trees. These predominant features mark the influence that was brought into this area by the British colonization many years ago.

Over 80% of Guyana is covered by forests, ranging from dry evergreen and seasonal forests to evergreen rain forests. These forests contain over a thousand types of trees. Guyana’s tropical climate, geology, and relatively pristine ecosystems support its rain forests and natural habitat. Over eight thousand kinds of plants grow in Guyana, many which are found anywhere else.

Guyana’s biodiversity is unsurpassed anywhere in the world. Guyana, with 1,168 inventoried species of vertebrae has the greatest variety of mammals found in any comparable sized area of the world. The Guiana Shield area is little explored and very rich biologically. Over 70% of Guyana’s natural habitat remains in pristine condition.

Guyana’s most prominent tourist attractions and must see locations include the tall, wooden edifices. These structures have promoted the concept that the country actually has one of the tallest wooden buildings within the complete world. This building is none other then the world famous St. George’s Cathedral.

Guyana is proud of their large rivers which serve as passage ways into its rich green rain forest and lush jungle areas. Demerara River, Berbice River and the Essequibo Rivers are but a few of the more prominent rivers found in this small country. You can sit in the local café and enjoy the sight of the Harpy Eagle or the beautifully decorated and colorful Toucans as they are widely noted around the local landscape and countryside. No where else on the earth are you afforded the opportunity to capture an exciting view of the elusive blue colored Cock of the Rock birds which are abundant around Kaieteur Falls. In fact, there are approximately 700 different species of birds which reside in the forest areas of Guyana. Finally, Guyana has some of the world’s most famous water falls within its borders such as Mount Roraima Falls which has became an inspiration for the movie The Lost World, the Kaieteur Falls as well as the Orinduik Falls.

Nature scenery and nature adventures present themselves to those who dare to discover all the wonders that await them in the wonderful country of Guyana. For most eco-tourists this country may be considered one of the only places on earth where nature tends to deposit the majority of its natural treasures. Discover its many natural resources at its finest level by traveling to the various back locations in Guyana. It is easy for you to be close to Mother Nature though this rich wilderness area.

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Thinking of a destination for a refreshing tour? If yes, then Argentina is the place to be in and keep reading on this Argentina travel advice. This immensely beautiful country is dotted with wine regions including Cafayate in Salta, Rio Negro in Cordoba and those in Mendoza. Quite amusingly, each one of these regions specializes in some form of wine.

Mendoza Wine Region is the most popular and largest wine making region in Argentina. The wine produced here is of extremely high quality and everybody seems to be gunning for it. Being situated in desert Cuyo, Mendoza is a picturesque place and has quite a lot to offer to the tourists.

Though there are numerous places to enjoy tours to wineries, closest among them is Maipu. One may get a bike on rent quite easily here, along with maps and other facilities. There are quite a lot of vineyards in the region where tourists can enjoy taste of delicious local wine. In addition to that, they may even learn the art of making wine here while enjoying their travel.

The vineyard tours are pretty inexpensive and so is the premium quality wine which is available here. Tourists are able to visit between four and six vineyards in a day without any major issue. The countless vineyards present here fill air in entire region of Mendoza with a certain aroma. Mendoza can be reached from most parts of this beautiful country with flight and with regular bus service.

Among other wine producing regions here, Salta is a prominent one. Though numerous such regions can be found, Cafayate accounts for a big chunk of wine produced here. Tourists get an added bonanza in the form of extremely beautiful landscape of this region. A number of vineyards dot the region of Calchaqui Valley.

The local residents have used technological advances for wine making pretty intelligently. They have been able to produce some fine quality wines in this way. This region is home to various wine varieties that are popular in domestic and as well as international markets. Torrontes and Cabernet Sauvignon are popular varieties of white and red wine respectively.

One may find countless vineyards dotting the landscape of the region. Salta enjoys an excellent connectivity with major cities in Argentina. One may reach here by catching a flight to the international airport. Another popular way to reach here is by bus from any major Argentinean city.

The discussion about wine producing regions in Argentina is incomplete without reference to Cordoba. One may find countless vineyards in this province where fine quality wine can be enjoyed. Prominent wine producing regions in this province include Rio Negro and Montilla.

Quite amusingly, vineyards at Rio Negro may remind everyone of vineyards in Spain. This similarity is mainly attributed to climate of this region and way things are organized here. Rio Negro is credited for being home to world famous Malbec variety of wine. Make full use of this Argentina travel advice to the core and enjoy your trip here to the maximum.

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Quito, the second highest Capital city in the world, is connected by daily direct flights to America’s gateway cities of Miami, Houston and Atlanta.

The city of Quito has not only been designated as a United Nations World Heritage Site, but it lies at the foot of South America’s most spectacular–and easy accessible—active volcano. Share practical natural history and physical science with your children just a few miles from Quito!

Less active or physically challenged travelers can ride a Cable car up to Cruz Loma, enjoying a stunning panorama and beautiful views of the city from an altitude of 13451 ft (4100 m). You can either enjoy the views, or–if you are the more adventurous type–the more active traveler or family can hike up to Rucu Pichincha at 15338 ft (4574 m) above sea level.

Another option for visiting this spectacular volcano is with a day tour from Quito. Although not well known, day tours can present one of the more interesting tours from Quito, taken with children in tow.

There is something for everyone.

Plan on starting early in the morning by car from Quito to Lloa and leave the car near the Mountain Refuge; walk up to Guagua Pichina (Baby Pichincha) at 15338 ft (4675 m) above sea level. This volcano erupted recently-the last time in 1999. Taking a look inside the crater and smelling the gases oozing out gives children-and adults-an unmistakable impression of vulcanism and how the Earth developed. One will never forget the smell of sulphur. You can see, smell, and learn–and only 10km from Quito.

While in Ecuador, families-especially city dwellers with children who have never been around animals– should enjoy a practical animal experience in the beautiful colonial haciendas La Alegria and Hato Verde, just south of Quito. Both Haciendas are real working farms and both offer beautiful accommodations to the traveler.

Imagine your children learning that milk doesn’t come from the grocery-but that it comes from cows! Children love to try milking cows, and you will be able to capture video that will help make memories for years to come. Let them spend time around the horses or watch the cowboys simply doing their daily work at the farm. Both haciendas offer horseback riding tours both for beginners and for the very experienced rider.

Children are very welcome on both haciendas and even small children enjoy the farm-life. If feeding sugar cubes and carrots to a horse, milking a cow, or riding a horse seems too adventurous for some, why not take one of the cooking classes at the hacienda? Discover spectacular new recipes for cookies… these haciendas are an excellent place to spend quality time with your family.

One tour option is for the technically astute. Boys and girls always love trains, and in Ecuador, they are in luck, for Ecuador has one of the most spectacular and chaotic railway systems in the world. The tracks and most of the infrastructure is in dire need of repair, but despite that, traveling by train is an excellent and safe opportunity to discover some uniquely beautiful parts of the country.

Some of the railroad lines are spectacularly technical masterpieces, with tunnels, switchbacks, and climbs in elevation that will take your breath away. Unfortunately, as in many areas of the world, the trains of Ecuador have completely lost most of their economic importance enjoyed in previous times.

For those who want to travel by rail, Ecuador has given rise to a new type of rail travel, a unique vehicle, which always seems to be pictured in travelogues. Next to the real trains, consisting of a locomotive and cars, a kind of “truck on railroad wheels” called an “Autoferro” has developed. On most Autoferros, passengers travel comfortably on the roof. During the last year, because of their popularity and the history of travelers in Ecuador in this way, comfortable “autoferros” have been introduced where you can travel comfortably on the roof, or inside the “autoferro”.

A two day journey from Quito to Guayaquil can be particularly interesting for a family. It’s exciting, it’s different, and it’s something that will be long remembered as a family adventure.

First, plan your travel by autoferro from Quito – Cotopaxi National Park, then transfer and plan to travel by bus to Riobamba where you stay overnight. Enjoy Riobamba, but get to bed early because you catch the early morning train to Alausi, through the spectacular Nariz del Diablo (Devil’s Nose) to Huigra and Bucay.

From Bucay, take a bus to Guayaquil– where you will arrive in the late afternoon. During the whole journey you’re in close contact with the local, mostly Indian population who live in the Andes Mountains. Find a rider who speaks English and strike up a conversation about the country. Ecuadorians are justifiably proud of their country, and your family will make a memory that will last forever-and just may make a new friend!

Between Huigra and Bucay you will leave the Andes Mountains and enter the tropical Pacific plain with its Banana plantations and tropical fruits. This journey from Quito to Guayaquil takes 2 days and it offers an unforgettable family experience.

At your destination, Guayaquil, this beautiful tropical city offers a lot for families. It is truly the most interesting tropical city in South America.

Take a one hour cruise on the “Pirate Ship” on the Guayas River and visit the Historical Park where you can view the local tropical flora and fauna. You can visit an old cacao farm, and realize the contrast to the simple farm houses you observed by the hundreds only the day before from the train. Stay in a hotel in Guayaquil itself, and not near the Airport.

Try the Hotel Unipark (4*) just opposite of the Parque Seminario or “Parque de las Iguanas” as it called by the locals. On this plaza, Iguanas walk freely, similar to cats and dogs in many neighborhoods in America. We’d suggest you not try to pet them, however!

Another wonderful option for overnight accommodation is the Grand Hotel de Guayaquil (3*) which has a small open-air swimming pool in the courtyard of the hotel.

It’s time for you to discover Ecuador. Ecuador is a marvelous destination location-just off the “beaten path.” There is much to discover, and once you’ve visited, you’ll want to return.

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Brazil, the largest South American country, is calling. It is packed with natural wonders and has many places of interests. Its cities are known for their lavish lifestyle, nightlife, food and drink and of course the carnival. The climate is warm for the country is close to equator but you can jump into the sea to cool down. With Brazil vacation packages, you can get plenty of time for fun and frolic.

One can’t explore this country in a few days holiday but one can try to enjoy one’s vacations to the full by making a holiday plan like the places to visit and hotels to stay. You might need staying in different accommodations and travel to far places. If you are not prepared for this then you would certainly lose your precious vacation time searching for reliable tour guides and operators in an unknown country.

Find some affordable Brazil vacation packages and choose one that is comprehensive means that includes a trip to every important place in this country. You should get a stay in Rio De Janeiro, the most important city of the county. Also you should get a boat ride on the Amazon waters. Vacationers across the globe come to South America to amaze at the world’s second largest river Amazon.

This river is also home to some 3000 species of fish and these species also include the carnivorous Piranha. Make sure you spend some time near Amazon so that you can see the Piranhas fishing under the clear Amazon water. Another must visit place is Iguazu Falls. The falls would give a glimpse of the brute power of the nature. The falls are so thunderous that you can hear the noise from at a distance.

There are many tour operators that make Brazil vacation packages for tourists but you should go with operator that is credible and that has comprehensive information on the most visited places in Brazil. Ideally you should first get some information on the places to visit in this country and then find the tour packages that include the places, you want to visit.

The advantage of buying Brazil vacation packages is that you won’t have to care for accommodation, sightseeing, shopping and relaxing. You would get everything from hotel stay to a joy ride to different places in your package. You would pay for once for hotel stay and sightseeing. This would escape you from the hassle of using your credit card during vacations.

Mike Brown is a renowned Brazil tourist agent who has a vast experience in making the holiday vacation of thousands of people quite memorable. The author has a good knowledge about different various attractions of Brazil.For more information visit brazil vacation packages and best vacation packages.