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Are you looking to choose somewhere a little different for your summer break? If so Tango Tours holidays in Argentina could be just the ticket for you. Tango Tours is a family-run tour operator who concentrates on what they know best, holidays in Argentina. Tango Tours holidays in Argentina offer complete, tailor made holidays including flights, hotel accommodation and guided tours around one of the most diverse and beautifully intriguing countries in the world. Our holidays in Argentina packages are separated into either the bronze, silver, gold or platinum packages as well as specialist packages that include our wine tasting package, designed to cater for your tastes and allowing you to get exactly what you want out of any of our holidays in Argentina. Our bronze package allows you a private tour of Argentina. All accommodation, flights and excursions are arranged specifically with you in mind. We offer you a detailed and time effective itinerary, allowing you to see the very best any holidays in Argentina could possibly offer. The bronze package, for our holidays in Argentina, is our budget tour of Argentina. This fantastic package offers you the opportunity to see the best of just what Argentina has to offer at a cost that is exceedingly fair and reasonable. The tour commences in the romantic, cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires where you can take in everything from tango dancing to football. You can visit the colourful neighbourhood of Boca and the resting place of Evita. If that’s not enough we’ll then fly you to the Perito Glacier near the city of El Calafate in the south of Patagonia and eventually on to north Argentina where you’ll witness one of the most awe-inspiring places in the world, the Iguaza waterfalls. Tango Tours holidays in Argentina offer you the chance to go on a once in a lifetime experience. We offer you the opportunity to tailor any holidays in Argentina exactly how you want to. For detailed information on our packages and just how we can organise holidays in Argentina that’ll make you the envy of all your friends then come and visit us today at:

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Tasting the regional delights of a country is one of the best parts of travelling. Find out more about the culture and the people while eating some delicious treats. Break bread and drink with locals to get a true taste of somewhere, a salud to those to toast new friendships with their top alcoholic beverages on one of the many patagonia adventures.

Beef and Argentina come hand in hand, and this meat is probably what the country is known for. One of the favoured cooking methods is the asado, in which meats such as beef are grilled or cooked over an open flame. If you happen to be in the Patagonia area of the country, you may find that it’s goat or lamb that makes its way onto the barbecue. No matter where you are, it can be a mix of several of these choices. To season your meat, try the chimichurri sauce, a yummy mix of vinegar, garlic and herbs.

Perfect for going along with that delicious Argentine beef is some equally delicious Argentine wine. Wine is another thing that the country is known for, reds are top of the range, and Malbec is globally recognised. There are many more varietals produced here than Malbec however and there is even a white, Torontel, that is an Argentine original.

For something a bit lighter and easier to eat on the go, try an empanada. These bits of dough can be stuffed with a variety of filings including beef, chicken, seafood, cheese or swiss chard. The north like to fry them, but across the rest of the country these tend to be oven baked.

When you are in Buenos Aires in particular, you can enjoy cuisine from several other countries, due to the many immigrants who made their ways here. Italian food is one of the most well represented, making it easy to find pastas and pizzas as well as gelato for dessert. When it comes to dessert, one that has to be tried is the alfajore. This is a cookie filled with dulce de leche, a sauce similar to caramel. This filling is used in a variety of pastries and one of the favourites. Enjoy one of them with a cup of coffee, a common part of everyone’s day here.

As far as beverages go, no discussion about food and drink in Argentina would be complete without mentioning yerba mate. Yerba mate is a plant which is made into a tea and usually drunk from a cup that comes with its own straw. This can be a drunk with guests in a ritual sort of way with the mate being prepared for each person, one at a time, using one single cup. It’s not unusual to see Argentines travelling around with one of these cups in hand during argentina expeditions .

Heard enough? Ready to get out there and experience it for yourself? Argentina is a huge nation full of opportunity for the adventurous traveller. For ideas , browse some of the exciting patagonia adventures offered by this specialist in argentina adventure travel

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Thinking of a destination for a refreshing tour? If yes, then Argentina is the place to be in and keep reading on this Argentina travel advice. This immensely beautiful country is dotted with wine regions including Cafayate in Salta, Rio Negro in Cordoba and those in Mendoza. Quite amusingly, each one of these regions specializes in some form of wine.

Mendoza Wine Region is the most popular and largest wine making region in Argentina. The wine produced here is of extremely high quality and everybody seems to be gunning for it. Being situated in desert Cuyo, Mendoza is a picturesque place and has quite a lot to offer to the tourists.

Though there are numerous places to enjoy tours to wineries, closest among them is Maipu. One may get a bike on rent quite easily here, along with maps and other facilities. There are quite a lot of vineyards in the region where tourists can enjoy taste of delicious local wine. In addition to that, they may even learn the art of making wine here while enjoying their travel.

The vineyard tours are pretty inexpensive and so is the premium quality wine which is available here. Tourists are able to visit between four and six vineyards in a day without any major issue. The countless vineyards present here fill air in entire region of Mendoza with a certain aroma. Mendoza can be reached from most parts of this beautiful country with flight and with regular bus service.

Among other wine producing regions here, Salta is a prominent one. Though numerous such regions can be found, Cafayate accounts for a big chunk of wine produced here. Tourists get an added bonanza in the form of extremely beautiful landscape of this region. A number of vineyards dot the region of Calchaqui Valley.

The local residents have used technological advances for wine making pretty intelligently. They have been able to produce some fine quality wines in this way. This region is home to various wine varieties that are popular in domestic and as well as international markets. Torrontes and Cabernet Sauvignon are popular varieties of white and red wine respectively.

One may find countless vineyards dotting the landscape of the region. Salta enjoys an excellent connectivity with major cities in Argentina. One may reach here by catching a flight to the international airport. Another popular way to reach here is by bus from any major Argentinean city.

The discussion about wine producing regions in Argentina is incomplete without reference to Cordoba. One may find countless vineyards in this province where fine quality wine can be enjoyed. Prominent wine producing regions in this province include Rio Negro and Montilla.

Quite amusingly, vineyards at Rio Negro may remind everyone of vineyards in Spain. This similarity is mainly attributed to climate of this region and way things are organized here. Rio Negro is credited for being home to world famous Malbec variety of wine. Make full use of this Argentina travel advice to the core and enjoy your trip here to the maximum.

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No matter what you like to do on during vacations, taking them in South America gives you the chance to see some many different things. Argentina is one of the countries that boasts a number of incredible spots but if you don’t have months to enjoy this, you need to pinpoint the places you most want to see in the time that you do have available to get the best argentina tour packages. Here we will go through some of the most popular places so you know what to consider on your vacation.


Argentina has several places that one can choose to visit and they are very varied from one another. Regardless of whether you enjoy adventure tours, fine wine, big cities or wildlife, everyone will find something they like in this country. Focus on one of these or combine them for a little bit of everything.

Buenos Aires, though a large city, will still probably appeal to those who aren’t the city types, if only for a short time. This is the best place to experience the tango, for example. Even if you have no wish to learn it yourself, watching it performed will connect you to the Argentine culture in a way few things can. This is also a great place to get a feel for the influence that other cultures have had here through the many immigrants. The city itself has European feel and there are many different types of cuisine from all over, especially Italian.

Many feel that the Iguazú Falls, an area shared between Brazil and Argentina, is one of the most amazing places to go for viewing nature. The waterfalls are nothing short of spectacular and there are many trails to walk around them. It is also possible to view them by boat which will give you a different perspective. The surrounding jungle offers plenty of opportunity to view the native plant and animal life. Give yourself plenty of time to see all that there is available here.

Another important area for nature lovers to go is Patagonia and many people enjoy patagonia argentina tours . From glaciers to forests, mountains to lakes, the landscapes and wildlife is so vast and vaired and you have so much to enjoy. You can spend weeks just hiking around Patagonia but be sure you get down to the southern part for this region for the best experience of the glaciers. Also in the south is the Península Valdés, a wildlife sanctuary where you can see a variety of birds and animals such as whales, penguins, sea lions and more. Water sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing and water skiing are also available there.

If you want to enjoy some pretty landscapes in a more relaxed way, head to Mendoza to tour some of Argentina’s renowned vineyards. Whether you want modern and high-tech places or traditional and small family spots, all the varieties are here for you. If you are a wine lover, this is one area not to miss. There are some options for touring vineyards on horseback and several tours make it a full gastronomic experience, including meals that are perfect for enjoying with fine wines.

Heard enough? Ready to get out there and try it for yourself? Argentina is a colossal nation full of opportunity for the adventurous traveller. For inspiration , browse some of the exciting patagonia adventures offered by this specialist in argentina adventure travel

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Argentina will be the excellent location of abundant pure resources and that is why a preferred and most desired vacation spot for nature buffs. Additionally to this, the affluent civilizing legacy of this greatest sub continent of South American has turned it out to be a spot for each liking and each taste. Argentina is huge, organic and unbelievably hospitable so check all these by going to your self via booking Argentina flights.

Outstandingly appealing and completely unscathed, inside the whole globe, you may possibly have observed really couple of spots where you’ll be able to journey close to tremendous panorama commencing soothe of deluxe small lodges and convivial estancias, joining your appetite for boondocks with a savor for outstanding cuisine and brewery.

The fantastic infrastructure permits you journey inside and approximately this region freely in order that you might get the maximum out of the trip. Bus may be the most affordable mode to steer by means of this inspiring vacation spot and local flights are simply accessible at affordable costs. What make you to pay a visit to this region once again and once more are the earliest archaeological spots, huge glaciers, tropical forests, lofty peaks covered with snow, elevated deserts, glittering salt plains, and great chic metropolises with the region such as Buenos Aires. The Argentina great sightseeing draws an enormous quantity of travelers from the global destinations to obtain Argentina flights because of its diverse spirit.

Buenos Aires essentially the most captivating metropolis of South America as well as the attractiveness with the metropolis has created it Paris of South America. Typically individuals who book Argentina flights land at this metropolis. Iguazu falls are truly of no comparison, with the collection of hundreds of cascades; these falls are extending over Iguazu River and usually are not lesser in attractiveness than any other falls within the globe. Journey back to the ice ages by browsing the mighty Perito Moreno Glaciers that are giving the adventure lovers an excellent likelihood to have thrill of ice skating. But dont forget to take a pair of hiking shoes.

Catch the delight of browsing Antarctica; it is actually a never-to -be-repeated encounter of life which you may in no way catch once again. Watch the lovely monarch penguins and amazing environment of this beyond description prettiness. Argentina flights will take you to this totally incredible tour. The hiking and trekking fans can have excellent time in El Chalten & Mount Fitz Roy which is an outstanding hicking tour.

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