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Caribbean holidays hold charm for all sorts of tourists: adults, kids and the disabled. The place is so immensely beautiful and lively that everybody can find something interesting to do here. The Caribbean is not only famous for its water sports and the thrill and adventure associated with it. Over 7000 Caribbean islands are sandwiched between the mighty Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Its white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, the beautiful landscape and the swaying pine trees welcome the disabled visitors warmly.

The Caribbean holidays are ideal for experiencing the best water sports in the world. Disabled visitors might not be able to take part in such activities, but they can still feel the thrill and adventure of watching others doing jet skiing, parasailing etc. If they have only visual or hearing impairment, then they can enjoy lighter sports activities like canoeing and banana boat. The guides and instructors are very helpful, and they can help the disabled visitors to enjoy in water with lighter current.

Wheel chairs are available almost everywhere from the flights and airports and at most of the hotels. Efforts have been made to make extra arrangements for disabled visitors. Most tour operators, hotels and cruise ships have to comply with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) to ensure great comfort for visitors with disabilities.

The facility of wheel chairs is offered everywhere; airports and many hotels. To promote tourism in the Caribbean, efforts are made to make the Caribbean holiday an unforgettable one for the disabled visitors. For this reason, tour operators, hotels and cruise ships have to abide by ADA, which stands for Americans with Disabilities Act.

The disabled visitors should take necessary precautions before going anywhere for holidays. Their travel agents should be clear about the facilities being offered in their dream destination. The thrill and fun would be slightly less than that experienced by others, but it would not be absent altogether!

There are lots of other attractions for disabled visitors in the Caribbean like sightseeing enjoy waterfalls, caves, volcanoes and rain forests, or they can go for bird watching or a safari or an amusement park. Those who can manage to go on cycling trips should not miss the opportunity.

Those with hearing impairment only can go on cycling trips, visit art galleries and aquariums, go for horse riding and even play golf. All Caribbean resorts offer great spa facilities, which the disabled visitors will find unmatched. The disabled visitors should also check for the vibrant carnivals and festivals that take place in various Caribbean islands. Food is one part of the Caribbean holiday experience that ca not be missed. The place offers exotic cuisine that makes ones holidays unforgettable. Disabled visitors can make the best of their Caribbean holidays, if they choose the right island, one that is handicap accessible. Puerto Rico, Aruba and St John are famous for their disabled-friendly facilities. It is hoped that other islands will also follow suit.

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