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Moldova was part of the U.S.S.R before it was separated from this country and became an independent republic on August 27, 1991. Bordered by Romania and the Ukraine, this country is a democratic nation with the President as the head of the country. Moldova has been infiltrated by the Russian forces for a very long period of time.

It is a member of the United Nations and aspires to be a member of the European Union. Moldova has been invaded by a number of rulers owing to its importance as a strategic location. Initially it was under the rule of the Dacians and then it was occupied by the Huns and the Mongols.

The Cricova Winery is situated 15 kilometres from the capital city of Chisinau, this winery is famous for its exotic wines internationally. This winery is an amazing place which is located underground with an intriguing maze of roadways. The damp and cold climate of this subversive winery contributes exclusively to the pristine quality of the wines that are produced here.

This winery produces wines according to the famous French method of Methode Championoise which is a refined process only followed by some wineries in the world. This method which was started and popularized by the French recluse Dom Pierre Perignon consists of fermentation and a maturation period of the wine bottle for a period of at least 3 years.

Acorex is another beautiful winery located in Moldova and it boasts excellent vineyards where you can become bewitched with some exotic rare wines at very reasonable prices. Maintaining international standards, the Italian wine-makers in this vineyard produce first-class wines in three exemplary lines of Legenta, Reserve and Selected to woo the wine connoisseurs. You can organize a tour here via private travel agencies. A cheaper way of visiting this area would be to travel by bus.

Milestii Mici Winery is very unique; it has 50 kilometers of underground wine cellars where damp conditions and low temperatures offer an ideal environment for the wines to be stored.

The Alexander Pushkin House and Museum was the residence of famous Russian poet Pushkin who was sent for exile in Moldova for 3 years. He wrote many of his famous poems such as The Gypsies, The Faithful Greek Woman Does Not Cry and The Black Shawl during his stay here. Pushkin was considered a member of the coterie of the leading Romanian writers.

Codrii Reserve is a great place to visit. It is bristling with natural beauty, this reserve houses rare species of flora and fauna which can enthral tourists. You can see 1000’s of authentic species of plants. Approximately half of Moldova’s floral population can be found in this reserve. The Reserve is categorized into three parts, a high-security zone, a buffer and an intermediate zone for the different species of wildlife. Permission to visit this place is specially required.

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